Re-registration is high because non-voters were convinced: Pres

Re-registration has increased because people who did not vote in the first round of the presidential election were found and convinced to vote, MDP presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih has said.

Speaking at a rally held by the MDP in Maafannu yesterday, the President said this was the lowest turnout in an election in the Maldives so far and one of the goals should be to increase the voter turnout. He added that the reasons should be found why they did not vote, find and convince them, and take them to the polling station, he said.

The President said the first round of campaigning lasted two months and everyone worked hard from the bottom of their hearts until September 9. There were many things that were noticed in the first round, he said.

"As we get ready for the second round, one of the things we have to think about is what we did in those two months, what the day's results filled in, what we didn't do. I think we each have to think deeply about this. We had high hopes that day. However, some things were not done properly and we had to come to the second round," he said.

The President said the outcome of the first round should not be entirely responsible for individuals. He said everyone should take responsibility together and see what each person did and did not do.