Heavy rains in Kurendhoo cause flooding

Heavy rains in Lhaviyani Atoll Kurendhoo have caused flooding in many houses on the island.

The rain started at 8:45 pm last night and stopped in the morning, Kurendhoo council member Hussain Zahid told One Online. He said it rained very heavily during the midnight hours.

The island school has been closed due to the rains while some houses have been cut off from electricity.

"The houses in the north-central area of ​​the island have been flooded. About 90 percent of the houses in the area have been flooded. Some houses have been flooded up to one foot," Zahid said.

Zahid said the damage caused to houses due to flooding is being investigated.

Zahid added that the water is being drained in collaboration with the MNDF and the islanders. The water has been controlled and will be drained within two hours.