Ali Azim becomes minority leader in Parliament with The Democrats

PPM PG Leader, Eydhafushi MP Ahmed Saleem has lost the position of minority leader in the Parliament as The Democrats have overtaken PPM to be the minority party, with their PG Leader Ali Azim takin go on the title of minority leader.

The change came after 10 members of The Democrats were registered on the Registry of Political Parties in Parliament. The Democrats have 13 members of parliament, but only three were registered on the party's register.

The 10 members who have not yet registered have been registered in the parliamentary register, and the minority leader of the parliament, Ali Azim, was announced today.

With this change, the members of parliament are:

56 MDP members

13 members of The Democrats

5 members of PPM

3 members of PNC

3 MNP members

2 MDA members

2 members of JP

3 independent members

The change has also changed the time parties receive for debates. The Speaker, however, said he would pass it later.