ACC investigates 32 cases filed during election

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has said the commission is looking into 32 cases related to the September 9 presidential elections.

Referring to the allegations made by the opposition PPM/PNC that the commission has been inactive during the elections, ACC said that a total of 32 cases have been filed with the commission during the presidential election.

The commission added that a total of three cases have been filed directly by political parties in connection with the presidential elections so far.

ACC also said that the Election Commission had referred four cases to the National Complaints Bureau in connection with the presidential elections, which were not within the jurisdiction of the Election Commission.

"No other matter or complaint has been referred to this Commission by the Election Commission regarding election bribery or the use of state resources in connection with the elections, or on the basis of a complaint made to the EC by someone else," ACC said.

PNC Vice-President and Mp from Maavah constituency Mohamed Saeed criticised ACC for not looking into election-related issues. He said that the ACC has been inactive during this election and threatened to change the ACC once the party comes to power.