Yameen refuses to meet Nasheed

Former President Abdulla Yameen has refused to meet with the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, to discuss the change of the system of government.

The Democrats won third place in this year's presidential election and is currently in talks with the first two candidates from PPM nd MDP. So far, they have proposed to hold a ballot on the 25th of this month to change the system of government before the second round. The Democrats have suspended talks with the party after the PPM refused to comply. However, the discussions with the MDP are still ongoing.

Nasheed met with The Democrats supporters at Dhon Manik Sky View yesterday afternoon and said he intends to discuss the system change with President Yameen. After that, he had sought permission via the Parliament to meet President Yameen in jail for the discussions.

The Maldives Correctional Service today said it had informed parliament in writing today that President Yameen had objected to meeting Nasheed.

Nasheed said PPM agrees to introduce a parliamentary system and has told the Democrats that. However, the party objects to an agreement on it, and all members would want it to be in an agreement.

Nasheed has repeatedly asked the MDP to start the transition to a parliamentary system. He also said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will not win the second round.

Nasheed has asked the MDP to work with the Democrats to bring about constitutional amendments to a parliamentary system.

Nasheed said the people's words should be spoken every day in parliament in the presidential election to be held in five years.