Spokesperson denies Pres Solih had knowledge about attack on Nasheed

Spokesperson Miuvan Mohamed has denied President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had any knowledge of an imminent threat on Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's life.

Speaking at parliament on Wednesday, Speaker Nasheed stated that President Solih was aware of an imminent attack on him.

Henveiru Hulhangu MP Hassan Latheef stated that "the committee's inquiry shows that President Solih was aware of an attack planned against Nasheed"

He added that despite the knowledge, the administration did nothing to stop the attack from taking place.

Maafannu Medhu constituency MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bondey) and Maafannu Uthuru MP Imthiyaz Fahmy backed these claims at the parliament.

Addressing the accusations at a press conference at the President's Office on Thursday, Miuvan said the members were falsely accusing the President.

"This is a false allegation against the President and the administration, to say that President was aware of a threat on Nasheed's life," Miuvan said.

Miuvan stated that such accusations take away the serious nature of the crime and is being used as a ploy to divert attention over political gains.

He added that if there was any truth behind the accusations, the members would have spoken up about it sooner.

"It raises questions about the accuracy of these allegations that the members are only speaking about it behind the protection of the parliament. If such accusations are made outside of the parliament, the matter will be investigated and action taken against them," Miuvan said.