MTD accuses The Democrats of copying their name and color

Maldives Third-Way Democrats (MTD) have accused 'The Democrats' of copying their name and color.

The Democrats is a new party being formed by Fikuregge Dhirun, spearheaded by Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

In a tweet on Wednesday, MTD noted that the name, ideology and colors of the party were selected by their leader, Ahmed Adeeb while incarcerated in a solitary cell at Dhoonidhoo.

"Since he fully believes in the centrist and democratic political ideologies, he picked the third-way and Democrats name," the tweet read.

They further added that he chose sky blue because, "for three years, it was the only thing he could see from his cell that was hopeful."

"We are pleased that the names and colors of other new political parties have been inspired by ours. However, while establishing new political parties, we politely ask others to come up with their own distinctive names and colors," the tweet further added.

The Elections Commission of the Maldives (EC) on Wednesday greenlit the formation of 'The Democrats' as a political party. Those working on the front lines of forming the party were wearing light blue shirts during the meeting at the EC.

The Democrats have revealed that they will produce a candidate for the Presidential Election, adding that they are open for discussions with PPM/PNC and JP as well.