Coca-Cola launches caffeinated drink 'Charged' in Maldives

Coca-Cola has launched their caffeinated drink 'Charged' in the Maldives.

The berry-flavoured caffeinated drink is designed to appeal to the tastebuds of Maldivians and visitors alike. Coca-Cola said the new addition to their portfolio is a delicious drink that is also designed to provide customers a boost in energy.

Managing Director of Coca-Cola Maldives Pankaj Sinha said the company is delighted to introduce this drink to the Maldivian market and is a testament to the creativity of their portfolio of drinks.

"Our aim is to provide a unique beverage that is delicious and caffeinated to add visor to our customers' active lifestyles. We hope our customers like 'Charged' and experience this unique new drink," Pankaj said.

'Charged' cans are packed in 100% recyclable aluminium to maintain environment-friendly packaging. The sustainable packaging is another step closer towards minimising waste, Coca-cola said.

Coca-Cola is collaborating with popular Maldivian influencers to further market 'Charged' through social media platforms. Additionally, the company will also launch a series of marketing campaigns for the newly launched drink to spark the interest of the customers.

CEO of Male' Aerated Water Company (MAWC), Milind Derasari said that the company is constantly looking for new innovative ways to increase the number of drinks they introduce to the market. As such, with 'Charged' the company hopes to take their efforts to new levels in providing taste, quality and vitality in their drinks.

"With the launch of 'Charged', we are taking caffeinated beverages to greater heights to provide a thirst-quenching drink that is delicious, energetic, and innovative," he said.

Coca-Cola said that 'Charged' is now available in the market in shops, restaurants, hotels, and cafe's for MVR 18.

For more information on 'Charged', customers can follow @ChargedMaldives on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Coca-Cola said.