Discussions ongoing to further reclaim land in Hulhumalé

Urbanco has revealed that discussions are currently going on to further reclaim land in the suburb of Hulhumalé.

Marketing & Public Relations Director at Urbanco, Niushad Shareef revealed to One Online today that discussions are ongoing with the government to further reclaim land in Hulhumalé. However, Niushad noted that the matter is still in discussion, adding that no solid decisions have been made as of yet.

There are several housing projects ongoing in both Phase I and Phase II of Hulhumalé as of now as well. The government has also decided to distribute land plots to the residents of Malé from Phase II.

Media reports claim that the west lagoon area is being considered to be reclaimed. As per the existing master plan of Hulhumalé, the area is to be utilized for a cruise liner terminal and yacht marina. Urbanco had previously stated that there were six interested parties for the project.