Spanish company contracted to build L. Gan tertiary hospital and GDh. Gahdhoo hospital building

A Spanish company has been contracted MVR 1.3 billion to construct a 130-bed tertiary hospital complete with all facilities in L. Gan together with a hospital building in GDh. Gahdhoo.

At a ceremony held at Health Ministry yesterday, the agreement was signed on behalf of the ministry by State Minister Ahmed Adhi and Chief Executive Director of HOMT España, Eduardo Oliveira.

Health Ministry stated that the project also includes a staff accommodation block, furnishing, and medical equipment for the hospital as well as staff trainings.

The construction of the projects have been contracted to MTCC.

The Ministry stated that L. Gan project is contracted to be completed within 36 months while GDh. Gahdhoo project is to be completed within 30 months.