EPA fines owner of barge and tug boat MVR 100mn for reef damage

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the owner of a barge and tug boat that ran aground near K. Vaavehdhifaru MVR 100 million for environmental damages.

In a statement released on Tuesday, EPA stated that the Agency has fined the owner of the barge and tug boat MVR 100 million for damages following the incident on 23 July 2022. EPA said the fine is to be paid by Middle East Marine LLC. within 30 days.

EPA added that the Agency had conducted a survey on the area on 31 August 2022 following the incident and noted that the survey revealed 3,926sqm of damage to the reef.

The Agency further stated that although the total penalty and compensation amounted to MVR 148.4 million, EPA fined Middle East Marine MVR 100 million as that is the maximum fine allowed under the law.