Cannot cancel passport even over declared debt: High Court

High Court on Sunday ruled that passport's cannot be cancelled over declared debt.

High Court made the ruling following an appeal made to the Court to repeal Civil Court ruling to cancel the passport's of five individuals with declared debt.

Civil Court had ordered Immigration to cancel the passport's of the five individuals who had already traveled abroad when the Civil Court order was issued.

The five individuals are:

  • Saif Ibrahim - Ma. Coronetpeak
  • Mohamed Bagir - V. Raahi
  • Mukhtar Adam - Daftar No. 8882
  • Ismail Waheed - Ma. Binma Villa
  • Ahmed Shafaz - Asareege, F. Nilandhoo

Immigration appealed the order at High Court, stating that the order was in violation of the regulations that need to be followed in cases with proven debt without collateral.

High Court Judge Huzaifa Mohamed who resided over the case stated that passport seizure and cancellation cannot be equated as passport impounding and cancellation are defined in two different Articles.

High Court bench unanimously decided to annul the ruling by Civil Court in this case.