Criminal Court receives ten applications for vacant post

Criminal Court has received ten applications for vacant posts.

Judicial Services Commission (JSC) announced vacancy for Criminal Court Judge position following the transfer of Judge Dheebanaz Fahmy to High Court.

Criminal Court has a bench of ten judges, of which one post remains vacant as of now.

The ten candidates who applied for the vacant post at Criminal Court are:

  • Mohamed Ihsan
  • Mohamed Sameet
  • Ahmed Rifshan
  • Ibrahim Ihsan
  • Ummu Kulsoom Abubakr
  • Hussain Salim
  • Siyama Mohamed
  • Ibrahim Zihuny

Criminal Court Judges receive a basic salary of MVR 30,000, with a living allowance of MVR 15,000 and a risk allowance of MVR 3,300 a month.