EPA fines Huruelhi for not following EIA

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has fined ADh. Huruelhi (Raddison Blu Maldives) - Huruelhi Investment Pvt. Ltd. MVR 28,489,525 for not following the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the harbour project.

In a statement released on Sunday, EPA stated that the Agency had investigated the Huruelhi shore protection project to see if the contractor had followed the EIA regulations.

EPA said the Agency requested a report from Huruelhi Investment to check on the work progress on the project. As such, the incident report submitted by the company to EPA on 28 November 2022 revealed that the contractor had excavated 1,055sqm area and sand mined from a 1,582qm area to build a 60m harbour.

Additionally, EPA stated that the contractor had agreed they had commenced the harbour works on July 15 2022 and completed it by September 30, 2022.

EPA further added that the harbour protect had been conducted in violation to the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives.

As such, EPA fined Huruelhi Investment MVR 20,000 and a further MVR 28,469,525 as well, to be paid within 30 days.