Maldives reaches tourist arrivals goal, sets new monthly record for daily arrivals

A new monthly record for daily tourist arrivals was set for December, soon after the government reached its annual goal of 1.6 million tourists.

According to the Ministry of Tourism statistics, the daily arrivals last Monday were recorded at 7,621. This marks the highest number of daily tourist arrivals in December, and the second-highest number of daily arrivals this year.

While Monday marked a high number of arrivals, the Maldives tourist traffic had also increased to record highs. As per statistics, a daily average of 5,764 tourist arrivals were recorded during this month.

As per the Ministry, 1,641,104 tourist arrivals were recorded in total by last Monday. This marks a 1.8 percent increase compared to the same period of 2019, which marked the highest number of tourist arrivals in the country.