Criminal Court orders 40-day remand for people involved in counterfeit USD scheme

Criminal Court orders 40-day remand for three people involved in the major counterfeit USD scheme.

Criminal Court ordered a 40-day remand for Zaidhan Ali, 23, S. Hulhudhoo, Shafra Abdulla Adam, 24, GDh. Gahdhoo, and Abdulla Nasheel, 21, Hulhumale'.

The trio have been charged with forgery and fraud. Criminal Court order said there was sufficient evidence against the trio to remand them.

Police media official told 'One' on Wednesday that they were charged with fraud and forgery for using counterfeit USD in transactions.

Police had said earlier this month that two Maldivians were arrested in Hulhumale' during a joint-operation by Economic Crime Department and Intelligence Unit.