The terror attack intercepted in November the most dangerous plan so far: Defence Minister

Joint counter-terrorism operation by MNDF and Police is the most dangerous terror attack being planned to date, Defence Minister Mariya Didi said.

Speaking at the event held at S. Gan on Thursday night to mark the 29th Anniversary of MNDF, Minister Mariya said the Administration is taking measures to curb the spread of extremism. She noted that extremism is rather widespread in the nation, with many individuals dedicating their time and energy to plot terror attacks.

"It is crucial for MNDF to look into such activities within their command areas to curb the spread of extremism and stop terror attacks, apart from the regular operations. MNDF area commands need to be more vigilant in this," Minister Mariya said.

She added that terror attacks would have adverse effects on the Maldives which is highly dependent on tourism for its economy, noting that terror attack impacts would last for years. She noted that MNDF needs to be vigilant on cyber spaces as extremist ideology is mostly spread on the internet nowadays.

Fourteen arrests have been made following the joint counter-terror operation in Male' City, Addu City, and K. Guraidhoo in November.