Sadenning to see low attendance of lawmakers who take home MVR 80,000 as salary: Speaker

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that it is very disheartening to see poor attendance by elected lawmakers who take home MVR 80,000 as a salary.

Starting the parliament sitting today, Speaker Nasheed noted that only 22 members were in attendance today. He highlighted that these members had attended the session well after it had begun.

Speaking on the poor attendance by the lawmakers, the Speaker noted that the parliament is made up of 87 members. He stressed that each member gets an exceptionally high salary each month on top of committee allowances.

On this vein, he noted that these members take home over MVR 80,000 a month as their salary.

Speaker Nasheed further added that lawmakers are elected to represent their constituencies and people, hence it's rather saddening to see such poor attendance from them.