Working to provide materials required for Ameenee Magu road project: MWSC

Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) Managing Director Hassan Shah has stated that the company is currently working to provide the materials required to develop Ameenee Magu.

RDC released a statement on Tuesday debunking rumors stating that the Ameenee Magu development project is halted. RDC said the project is going ahead as planned.

RDC said the Ameenee Magu project is being carried out together with multiple other institutions. As such, RDC said the Corporation is currently waiting for MWSC to provide further materials required for the project.

MWSC Managing Director Hassan Shah revealed to One Online today that the company is currently working on providing said materials to RDC. As such he noted that a lot of the materials is already available, adding that the remaining materials will be available very soon.

He highlighted that he is personally checking the materials list to ensure what is available and what is missing. Shah noted that all the main materials are available at present, and added that manholes are lesser in quantity than required.

Shah noted that manholes required for the sewerage systems are the only missing materials as of now, though he noted that the missing quantity would be cleared from customs today.

The Ameenee Magu development project is valued at MVR 84 million, expected to be finished within ten months.