HDC World Cup 2022 public viweing events in Hulhumale' at 13,000 capacity with food stalls

Hulhumale' Development Corporation (HDC) has said the FIFA World Cup 2022 public viewing event spaces can accommodate up to 13,000 people at once.

HDC has organised public viewing events in Hulhumale' Phase I and Phase II for the World Cup. As part of the 'Boalha Foari' event to screen the World Cup 2022 matches, HDC has placed screens for the public to view the matches.

Speaking to 'One' about the preparations, HDC's Assistant PR Manager Ahmed Mimrah said HDC has made seating arrangements for the public at the events. Mimrah said HDC is currently making the final preparations for the public viewing events.

As such, HDC is arranging food stalls in the area to provide light snacks for the public as well as entertainment prior to the matches.