Tekkers Resort Cup: Soneva Jani takes the cup for Noonu Atoll zone

Tekkers Maldives has concluded the Noonu Atoll zone of Tekkers Resort Cup, with Soneva Jani winning against Robinson Noonu after a nerve-wrecking penalty shoot-out.

The final match was attended by Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliot who has been deemed one of the most promising players globally.

Soneva Jani started the strong scoring a goal in the opening minutes of the match. Towards the end of the first half of the final match, Soneva Jani extended their lead further, cheered on by their fans present at the stadium.

Robinson Noonu scored a stunning long-range shot by Ahmed Shamweel in the second half. Although Soneva Jani scored a third goal in the second half, scored by Zalyshan Hassan, Robinson players Mohamed Anaan and Ali Afsal scored the equalisers for their team.

The penalty shoot-out was evenly matched with great goals by both teams until Robinson Noonu missed their 5th penalty. But Soneva Jani couldn't capitalise on their opponent's miss as Robinson Noonu keeper evened the gameplay for both teams with an incredible save. The breakthrough for Soneva Jani came with the 9th penalty, with their keeper defending Robinson's Hassan Maaidh's penalty.

Ahmed Shifau from Soneva Jani then scored the winning goal for their team.

The top 5 players of Noonu Atoll were:

  • Hassan Afsal - Robinson Noonu
  • Ali Shiyaz - Soneva Jani
  • Ilyas Abdul Hakeem - Soneva Jani
  • Ali Ahnaf - Siyam World
  • Ahmed Shamweel - Robinson Noonu

Soneva Jani's Keeper Ilyas Abdul Hakeem was named man of the match, while Ahmed Shamweel and Hassan Afsal were from Robinson Noonu were named top scorers of the tournament with 6 goals each. Ahmed Shifau was named player of the tournament for leading his team to victory with his winning goal.