EPA advises to fine Afcons for MVR 68 million

One Online has learned that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to fine India's Afcons Infrastructure Limited for the damages caused to Villimale' reef, after one of their platforms being utilized to construct the Thilamale' Bridge ran aground the Villimale' reef.

The platform had run aground on August 16th, around 2:45 am. After extensive damage, the platform was removed on August 27th, following which the EPA began an assessment of damages survey during the month of September.

Afcons, however, refused to accept the survey report by the EPA and had conducted a survey of their own, the reports of which was submitted tot eh Agency.

One Online has learned that the EPA has now decided to fine Afcons with MVR 68 million for the damages, and that they will be issuing a statement with details of their decision very soon.

The Agency had not made an official comment on the matter, as the Director General of the Agency, Ibrahim Naeem did not return any calls.