One person missing after landing craft capsizes

A man has gone missing after a landing craft capsized near GDh. Vaadhoo.

Police told 'One' on Saturday that a landing craft capsized 12 nautical miles off the coast of Vaadhoo island around 1325hrs, and that 'Sea Weed' - a vessel from Vaadhoo - has been providing aid near the landing craft.

Police said one of the crew members on the landing craft has been missing since the incident and Police are working with MNDF for search and rescue. Police did not specify any details regarding the missing person.

MNDF has said that 'Leo Success' capsized after the landing craft's batteries failed. MNDF's Southern Area Coast Guard is currently actively searching the area for the missing man.

A crew member of 'Sea Weed', Mohamed Arsham told 'One' that the vessel had come across the capsized landing craft. The vessel had rescued three people from the landing craft.

"We were out fishing when we came across the landing craft. There were two Maldivians and an Indian on the craft. We brought them onto the boat and they informed one of the crew members was missing. They said the landing craft capsized between 0930-1000hrs," he said.

Arsham said that Police and MNDF are actively looking for the missing person.

The landing craft belongs to Leo Trading Company, 'One' has come to know.