HDC signs as main partner for the Maldives' first space mission program

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has signed as the main partner for the Maldives' first space mission program.

During a ceremony held at HDC, Managing Director, Mr. Suhail Ahmed, and Institute for Global Success (IGS)'s CEO, Rifath Mohamed, signed the agreement.

The prime objective of the program is to design Maldives's first-ever satellite prototype and to test it. This satellite will be a test satellite to test the climatic changes of the world.

A young Maldivian team is set to test and launch the satellite.

HDC noted that they are honored to be part of such a historic program in the Maldives.

KSF Space Foundation is a USA non profit organization registered in Delaware, that offers support in umerous areas, linking those who have experience in completing, or are in the process of completing, small satellite missions, with those of limited experience at a fraction of the usual costs. '