Mugunee: No STELCO employee is in a political position

Managing Director of the State Electric Company (STELCO), Hassan Mugunee has said that none of his employees are in political positions.

Speaking on Raajje TV's "Falasurukhee" program last night, Mugunee said that the political positions in STELCO are the Managing Director and the Board of Directors and their job is to ensure that the company is run in accordance to the government policies.

He said that STELCO is a company serving the public hence have no chance to think politically and doing things politically is not part of their workplace culture.

The Managing Director of STELCO said that his company prioritizes the work over an employee's political affiliations and even if an employee is involved in politics outside of the workplace, it is not an issue as long as it does not affect the work.

Mugunee said that STELCO employees must be an example to others and other companies and if they go outside the values of the company, they do not have a chance at the company.