STELCO to create regulation that will allow fines to be forgiven

STELCO has stated that the company is working on creating a regulation to forgive fines on electricity bills.

STELCO's Managing Director Ahmed Shareef made the remarks while speaking on Sangu TV's 'Khabarah Fahu' program. Shareef said that the company has been well managed over the years but there is room for improvement.

As such, Shareef noted that the public has overtime suffered financial burdens due to fines on electricity bills and stated that the company is working on a regulation to address and solve the issue.

Shareef added that STELCO is also working on revising their service application forms so that customers do not have to fill forms multiple times to apply for services with the company.

Addressing the public concern of increased electricity bills during the hot season, Shareef attributed the increase to higher usage of electricity in households. He also noted that it could be due to electrical wiring in the household, adding that it is important to have a certified electrician conduct a survey in such cases.

Shareef also added that STELCO is currently working on relocating powerhouses in six islands to provide more ease to the residents.