STELCO looking into renting rooftops to install solar panels

STELCO Managing Director, Ahmed Shareef, has stated that the company is looking into renting rooftops in Male' City to install solar panels.

Speaking on VTV's 'Fasmanzaru' program, Shareef said that STELCO is already working on installing solar panels in islands to curb the dependency on oil.

He added that STELCO will kickoff the project this year. As such, STELCO is in the talks with Environment Ministry and City Council to secure a plot of land to install solar panels that could produce up to 2 megawatts of energy.

Shareef added that STELCO is looking to rent rooftops in Male' City to install solar panels to increase the production of renewable energy. He added that the solar panels will be connected to STELCO grids and households renting rooftops for solar panel installations will receive deductions in their electricity bills.