Ministry of National Planning Housing and Infrastructure

City Council ordered to return STELCO equipment at Industrial Village

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure has ordered the Male' City Council to return any equipments on the land given to STELCO from the Industrial Village if any had been taken or used.

Land from the Male' Industrial Village was given to STELCO. STELCO has filed a case with the Maldives Police Service after the Male' City Council used what was in the land given to STELCO without warning while the land has a fence around it.

One Online has reached out to the Police Median Official who said that a land issue in Male' was reported on 2 August 2021 and inquiries are being made regarding the case.

The Media Official of the Planning Ministry told One Online said that the Industrial Village is under the Planning Ministry and has not been handed over to the City Council. And so, the City Council cannot use things on a land given to STELCO by the Ministry.

So far, there had been no response from the City Council regarding the situation.

At a STELCO press conference, an official said that equipment to install security cameras kept at the Industrial Village had gone missing. And the fence on the land had been cut and merged with an adjacent property.

STELCO said that land from the Industrial Village was given to them as storage for the things needed for the grid upgrading project. And a 132 kWh substation will be developed on the land with the development of the Thilamale' Bridge.