Kaadehddhoo Airport

Large portion of Kaadehdhoo harbor falls, working on a fix

A large portion of the harbor at the Gaafu Dhaalu Kaadehdhoo Regional Airport had fallen off in to the sea.

President of the Thinadhoo Island Council, Saud Ali told ONE Online today that the jetty fell off sometime last night and the incident has been reported to the President's Office and since have received information that the President's Office has ordered the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure to start repairs.

Council President Saud said that since the jetty fell, the people are forced to the little part of the jetty that did not fall. And although it's not the safest, it has been deemed necessary since it is a regional airport that requires uninterrupted service.

He said that the President's Office sees it as a nation issue and they are getting support from the government and the MPs of the constituency.

While it is currently unclear when the Ministry is going to start repairs, Council President Saud said that but it would start next week. He said that the harbor was heavily damaged when it fell off and complaints have been made by the high level staff of the Kaadehdhoo Airport operators as well.

Saud said that the harbor was initially development very poorly and when the new harbor is developed, hopes that the Ministry would do an adequate research.

Kaadehdhoo Harbor was previously developed during the Presidency of Abdulla Yameen, in 2014.