Former Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef

Shidhatha: There is full confidence that Commonwealth would assist in social issues

The Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services Shidhatha Shareef said that there is full confidence that the Commonwealth would assist in social issues.

The Minister had said this during a meeting held last night with the current visiting Commonwealth Assessment team, held at the Ministry.

The Ministry informed, that Shidhatha has held talks during the meeting regarding efforts to ensure basic rights as well as providing assistance to persons with disabilities. She had also reportedly informed the team of the ongoing social work carried out by the Ministry.

The Ministry reported that talks were also held, concerning efforts of ensuring women’s input in determining policies as well as acquiring the feedback and cooperation of the public.

Shidhatha had also expressed her wishes for there to be more women in the forefront of the upcoming Parliamentary elections. She further noted however, the low numbers of women who took part in elections as well as those that were successful in the MDP primaries. The Minister said that the fewer number of women in these areas are concerning.