Mughunee: STELCO flats were bought within rights of employees

Managing Director of the State Electric Company (STELCO) has said that the flats were bought from the building for STELCO employees as part of the flats for government employees under the Hiyaa Housing Project started during the Presidency of Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, within the rights as an employee of STELCO.

He made the statement when he was summoned to the Parliament Committee for State Owned Enterprises (SOE Committee) after they launched an investigation when his name noted on the flat receiver’s list.

The Managing Director of STELCO said that he had the chance to buy a flat same as any other employee in the company after an evaluation.

Following the response, the MP for Mid-Maafannnu constituency, Ibrahim Rasheed (Bondey) asked whether he asked the government and got a response if it was an overall thinking. To which Mughunee said that a word from the government is not required in every individual matter as there are some authorities to the position.

And the MP Ibrahim Rasheed said that he has learnt from the answer that it was the Managing Director’s own thinking and not the government’s.