ADK Hospital

ADK: Four-month-old died under treatment instructed by specialists

ADK Hospital has said that the four-month-old that died at the hospital early this morning was being treated as instructed by the specialists.

Following the incident, the hospital issued a statement saying the treatment began when the child arrived at the hospital’s emergency room and an ultrasound and a CT scan was done for diagnosis.

The statement from the hospital said that when the state of the child changed, a team consisting of the emergency physician, pediatrician, surgeon and anesthesiologist worked to save the child’s life.

ADK Hospital said that information regarding the incident has been shared with the family and as per the SOP for such incidents, an incident review is being conducted. Once the review is complete, it will be shared with the family, according to the hospital.

The hospital has sent their condolences to the family on behalf of the management and staff.

Some media outlets have reported that the family believes the four-month-old died due to negligence from the hospital and the child died due to delays in treatment.