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Maafushi Launch Collision: Injured person still unconscious

The family of the victim who sustained serious injuries following the collision of two speed launches at Kaafu Atoll Maafushi has said that the person remain unconscious.

A member of the family told ONE Online that the injuries person is unconscious in the ICU.

The family member said that they are at ADK Hospital and they do not know exactly what happened at the time of collision since the injured person is unconscious. But the hospital has done an MRI and reported that numerous facial bones along with the teeth and in the chest area had been broken as well.

Manager of the Maafushi Health Center, Salman Rasheed said that the extent of the injuries was causing bleeding from the mouth as well and so was sent to ADK Hospital on emergency.

Talking to ONE Online, the Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Ahmed Affaal said that the person brought in following the launch collision on 11 September 2021 remains in critical condition and is being treated at the ICU.

Police Media Officer told ONE Online that the collision between two dinghys at the K. Maafushi port entry was reported at 9:35 a.m. last night.

And the incident is being investigated further.