Death and Homicide

Aduham charged with intentional murder for death of taxi driver

Aduham Mohamed, who has confessed to the murder of the taxi driver, Qasim Hassan, has been charged with intentional murder.

Today, the Prosecutor General’s Office said that the Aduham is being charged with threatening a life, possession of a sharp weapon and the intentional murder with a sharp object.

Qasim was attacked and killed with a sharp object on the night of 4 December. Aduham was arrested in connection to the murder on 19 December 2019.

Aduham has confessed to the murder stating that the taxi driver died during an attempted mugging. He admitted to the crime at the remand hearing at the Criminal Court as well.

However, Maldives Police Service said that despite the confession, they are going to gather enough evidence to convict at court.

Police said that Aduham has a police record for various crimes. He was also recently convicted of theft and sentenced to 24 months.