President's Office

Hoodh: Alert was raised for the safety of the tourists

Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Hoodh, has said that the national security level was raised not due to a direct threat but to ensure the safety of the tourists visiting the country in the high season of tourism.

He made the statement today at a press briefing at the President’s Office.

Speaking at the press briefing today, Hoodh said that this is the first year Maldivian tourism reached its annual target number of tourists. And as this is the high season of treatment, the alert level was raised to ensure the safety of the tourists.

Hoodh said that taking preventing measures is an adequate approach and as the number of tourists visiting the country goes up, it becomes more and more important to ensure the security of the country.

Alert status Yellow-2 is in effect when there is a threat or a warning of a coming threat of an event that could disrupt civil peace.

While many have criticized the raising of the alert, authorities are operating with weapons across the country and are doing vessel searches at sea.