Hajj Pilgrimage

Hajj pilgrims and their families to get free ride to airport

Ministry of Islamic Affairs have decided to provide free transportation to the airport for the year’s Hajj Pilgrims and their families.

Speaking at a press conference at the Islamic Ministry toady, Deputy Minister Shaafiu Ali said that the Hajj Pilgrims and their families will get free transportation to the airport and it has been arranged in cooperation with the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) and the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

The first group of pilgrims will be departing on Sunday morning; 84 pilgrims from the Zaeema Hajj and Umrah Group, according to the Deputy Minister. He said that pilgrims will be departing until 5 August.

Shaafiu said that the Hajj Pilgrims and their families and close friends are arranged to be taken to the airport on the MTCC bus.

And assistance from Maldives Police Service and MNDF have been enlisted this year to provide assistance to the pilgrims. Deputy Minister Shaafiu said that they will be managing the traffic near the Male’ Bus Terminal and at Velana International Airport.

He said that the police and MNDF will be assisting in the transportation for Hajj Pilgrims in Vilimale’.