MVR 100 million will be spent on new football stadiums this year: Mahloof

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has said that MVR 100 million will be spent on the football stadiums that are being built this year.

Speaking during a press conference at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Minister Mahloof revealed that they will soon announce the construction of 10 good quality football stadiums.

Mahloof noted that the Ministry had enough funds to secure the construction of 10 stadiums as of now, and added that he hoped to bring that number upto 10 this year. He added that some who are aware about these plans would provide financial assistance.

The Minister revealed that Maamigilli MP Qasim Ibrahim had offered to cover 50 per cent of the costs required for the construction of the football stadium in Maamigilli. N. Kudafari council had also pledged to provide assistance from the council members if plans for a football stadium in the island comes to fruition.

As such works will begin in five islands very soon.