President Yameen’s support is unmatched in Maldives

Fonadhoo MP and Interim President of PNC, Abdul Raheem Abdulla has said that there was no one in the Maldives, with support like former President, Abdulla Yameen.

MP Abdul Raheem made the statement speaking during a press conference held by PPM and PNC. He noted that President Yameen is the political leader with the greatest support in the Maldives, which was clearly reflected in the Presidential Elections of 2018.

He stressed that President Yameen alone was able to gain 96,000 votes while a coalition of four leaders were able to only get 139,000 votes.

Speaking during the press conference, he added that no senior officials of PPM or PNC are upset with President Yameen. However, it might not be the case with certain individuals according to the lawmaker.

He added that PNC and PPM believes that their future is with President Yameen, and noted that they will move forward with the suggestions and advice of the former strongman.