12 households severely affected by tornado in L. Fonadhoo: Disaster

National Disaster Management Authority has revealed that a total of 12 households has been affected severely, following a tornado that hit the island last night.

Six households were damaged to the point of them being inhabitable. Those six families have since been moved to temporary shelter. One of the pre-schools of the island was also among the buildings that were damaged severely.

According to NDMA, Police and MNDF along with island residents are working in the relief efforts following the tornado.

Several coconut palms were uprooted during the tornado landfall, some of which had fallen onto rooftops causing severe damages. Two speedboats were also damaged, however no one was reported as injured.

According to the MET Office, the weather is expected to get worse starting 6:30am on Saturday till 12:30pm, and hence had issued a white alert across the country for the time period. The MET Office also expects winds of 40 mph during storms.