MET Office : The two earthquakes this morning will not impact Maldives

Maldives Meteorological Service has confirmed that the two earthquakes this morning will not impact Maldives.

The MET Office stated that earthquakes originated near Indonesia at the Northern Molucca Sea and Diego Garcia early this morning.

As such, Diego Garcia was impacted with an earthquake of 5.4 magnitude at 6:31 am this morning. The MET Office also reported that the North Molucca Sea (Indonesia) was impacted by an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude at 9:37 am this morning. This is approximately a 5881 kilometer distance from Maldives.

The earthquake that impacted Diego Garcia is a closer distance to Maldives with 971.8 kilometers, according to the MET Office.

While it was more likely that the earthquakes would impact Maldives, the office has concluded that there will not be any impacts on Maldives.