International Women's Day

10 people awarded the “Rehendhi Award”

The “Rehendhi Award 2019” has been awarded to 10 recipients this year.

First Lady Fazna Ahmed awarded the Rehendhi Award brooches to 10 recipients at the International Women’s Day celebrations today at Kaaf Himmafushi.

The Shield of recognition for the awards were presented to recipients by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during today’s event.

The winners and categories of the Rehendhi Awards 2019:  

  • Aminath Mohamed - For exceptional institutional service in the field
  • Aishath Nazima- Social service sector
  • Mariyam Shifzan- For services in non-traditional roles
  • Moomina Adam- Social service sector
  • Aishath Looba- Social service sector
  • Society for Health Education- Employer’s Category
  • Aminath Azka Adil-For services in non-traditional roles
  • Amina Alikileyfaan- Social service sector
  • Aishath Shiruhana- Social service sector
  • Nasreena Ali- For exceptional institutional service in the field

The Rehendhi Awards are given in recognition of those that work to serve the nation and society as well as direct efforts towards women’s progress.

The first Rehendhi Award was given in 2014 and three recipients had received the award last year 2018.