International Women's Day

Women’s Organizations meet together to celebrate International Women’s Day

Women’s Organizations in Maldives have carried out a meeting together in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The meeting was held at Citron Restaurant in Male’. Senior members in charge of various women’s organizations as well as other members took part in the meeting that hosted 51 women.

Various activities to foster togetherness among members of these organizations took place during the meeting. As such, the members indiscriminately took part in games of strategy and several other activities.

Senior members of the government also took part in discussions regarding challenges faced by the organizations. Talks were held between members regarding methods to overcome these challenges together.

NGO Leaders further conducted talks concerning equal opportunity for women as well as efforts to include men in the narrative. Discussions were also held on general equality between both genders.

In addition to senior members, general members of these organizations also conducted talks on related topics during the meeting.  

The organizations that took place in the meeting include Women in Management Maldives, Addu Women’s Association, Hope for Women, Faiymini Association of Creative Design, MACCS, Association of Lady Entrepreneurs as well as Maldives Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Participants in the meeting include, Rashidha Yoosuf and Aneesa Ahmed, Dr. Mariyam Shakeela, Minha Faiz Rashad, Raheema Adam, SheeA Imad and Juwayriya Wajdy.