Male' City Council to provide buggy services in Villimale'

Male' City Council has passed to provide buggy services in Villimale' themselves, after 99 Holdings failed to honor an agreement to provide such services in the island.

This was passed during the 63rd sitting of the fourth term of the City Council. Villimale' Member Nahula Ali proposed to provide the services by Male' City Council. The proposal was passed with the unanimous vote of all present members.

It has been a long time since the suspension of buggy services in Villimale'. After failing to provide the services, Male' City Council had given 99 Holdings a grace period to start the services by March 29th. They noted that further failure to do so had caused public inconvenience, with the council receiving several complaints regarding the non-existent service.

It was previously stated that the buggy services were discontinued after battery issues.