Parliament to begin third term sittings tomorrow

Maldives Parliament is set to begin the sittings for their third and final term for the year starting tomorrow.

Media Director at the Parliament, Hassan Ziyau revealed that even though parliament sittings are not held on Thursdays, it was decided to begin the third term on a Thursday as per the parliament regulations.

The Parliament regulation states that the third term of the Parliament is from August 16th till November. It further dictates that the first sitting of each term should be held either on the first Monday or Thursday from the date of the term commencement. Hence, tomorrow marks the first Thursday in the third term of the Parliament.

Even though the Parliament is set to convene for the first sitting tomorrow, the agenda for the sitting has not been publicized.

One of the first Bills to be sent to the parliament by the government is to find a solution to the intervention on collecting green tax in light of a recent Tourism Act amendment. The AG Office noted that the necessary work has been completed and the Bill is ready to be submitted to the parliament floor.

The second term of the Parliament finished the majority of its tasks and went into recess on June 30th.