Police urge against circulating pictures of Shiau's body

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has urged against the circulation of the photos of Shiau Mohamed's body, who was found brutally murdered in the capital city.

The mutilated body of Shiau was found in an apartment on the 9th floor of Henveiru Sheereenvilla on the 7th of August. The young woman was found decapitated, with butchered limbs.

While what appears to be photos of her body are being circulated around social media, Police noted that it does not seem that the photos have been leaked from within the institution. As such they added that these photos were not taken for the purpose of the investigation and neither of the photos in question are being used by the Police.

However, they assured that an investigation will be carried to determine whether the leak came from the Police or not.

Noting that the images depict extreme violence and brutality and could impact those who see them, Police advised not to circulate them to each other through various platforms.

A suspect was arrested at the scene; Ali Shaahil, 23. He was escorted in a hazmat suit to a police vehicle at 1:25 am on Sunday.