HDC extends deadline for proposal submission for overwater restaurant construction in Phase II

Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) has extended the deadline for proposal submission for construction and operation of overwater restaurant in Hulhumale Phase II.

HDC opened bid for lease of 10,519sqft plot in Hulhumale Phase II for the overwater restaurant on 19 June. The deadline for proposal submission was 4 August.

However, HDC made an announcement on Thursday that the deadline has been extended until 11 July. HDC did not specify reasons for the extension.

HDC said bidding was open for anyone with experience running cafe'/restaurant, swimming pool, and sports facilities can submit proposals. HDC added that the project will be awarded to the highest bidder, considering lease and execution costs.

HDC said a the project includes a bid security of MVR 500,000 and a minimum of 180,000 as execution cost.