Government will reconsider changing school holidays if parents request: Education Minister


Education Minister Aishath Ali has stated that the government will reconsider its decision and revert back to the old school holiday schedules if parents request on doing so.

Speaking during a press conference held on Thursday, the Minister noted that while they are aware of public complaints regarding the current schedule of school holidays, they had not received any official complaint or request to revert back to the previous schedule.

The Minister highlighted that if parents send a formal request to revert back to the old schedule, the government will reconsider its previous decision.

School holidays historically fell in the later months of the year, namely November and December. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic and extended closure of schools paired with the delays in O-Level Examinations, the start of the academic year saw a drastic shift.

With the change, the holidays now fall in June and July. Many parents and teachers have highlighted that the monsoon rains and severe bad weather during these months have rendered school holidays rather useless and uneventful, as families are not able to travel for vacations or do much of anything.

The Minister noted that the decision could be reconsidered, but stressed that it would be a rather difficult decision to take as it might mean losing on six months of academics and wasting priceless time of current students.