Manta Air resumes flights to Dhaalu Airport

Manta Air has resumed flights to Dhaalu Airport, after suspending operations following protests that broke out in Kudahuvadhoo.

Residents of Kudahuvadhoo had been protesting near Dhaalu Airport since Monday evening after Manta Air denied to airlift a resident of the island who had suffered a heart attack. Manta suspended their flights to Dhaalu on Tuesday due to the prolonged protests.

An official of Manta Air spoke to One Online on the condition of anonymity and revealed that they had to cancel four flights on Tuesday and repatriate several passengers via seaplane.

However, they noted that flights resumed on Tuesday evening.

While Manta operates eight to ten flights on average to Dhaalu Airport daily, other airlines seldom operate flights to the airport.

The official further added that the demands are being heard, and a solution is in the works to their concerns. They further noted that the support of the government authorities were needed to resolve all issues.