Madaveli-Hoadedhoo causeway cut off

The causeway between Gdh. Hoadedhoo and Madaveli has once again been cut off due to worsening weather conditions and tidal swells.

Madaveli Council Member Azhar Abdulla revealed that the causeway had been cut off near Madaveli with the use of shovels. He however added that despite this, the causeway was still usable, mostly by motorcycles.

He further added that this was done sometime last night and that they have not been able to figure out the culprits as of yet.

The causeway had been cut off twice before due to swellings causing major damages in Hoadedhoo. It was first cut off in 2018, and then in 2021.

Due to the ongoing bad weather and tidal swellings, both islands had sustained damages. The blockage caused by the causeway is said to contribute to this, and so to solve this issue the government had contracted MTCC to link the three islands with a bridge.