Tidal swells cause damage in Addu and other islands

Tidal swells due to bad weather have caused floods in Addu and other southern atoll islands.

Islands in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll - Rathafandhoo, Madaveli - and That Atoll Gaadhiffushi and Kinbidhoo have suffered damages alongside Addu on Friday.

Speaking to 'One', Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar said that the tidal swells caused flooding in Addu, with some houses being flooded. The floods have affected the livelihoods of many families, Nizar said, adding that the Council was providing support to the affected.

He further added that MNDF and MPS were working on draining the sea water from the most affected parts of the islands.

MET Office has warned caution over the bad weather, issuing a white alert to the southern atolls. National Disaster Management Authority (NMDA) stated that the Authority is working closely with the affected atolls to check on residents.

MET Office has predicted heavy rainfall with strong winds in the coming days. As such, MNDF has also advised caution when travelling by sea.